Body Back FAQs

What is Body Back?

Body Back is a results based workout program that is for moms only. Whether you had a baby six months ago or twenty years ago, this workout is for you!

What is the format?

The workout is a high-intensity, interval-based, total body workout. The Body Back program is a 8-week session that includes individualized goal setting, online support, two in-person workouts per week, a nutrition guide + recipe book, and more!

Can I bring my kids to Body Back workouts?

No. This is YOUR hour. This is your time to recharge!

Do I need to be in shape? I am not a runner.

You do not need to be "in shape" to do Body Back. We will build you up from your personal starting point, and you don't have to be a runner! However, you do need to be free from injuries or ailments which would prevent you from training at a high intensity.

What does the nutrition program consist of?

It's not a diet plan - it's a lifestyle change! Our nutrition guide and recipe book include realistic meal ideas, snack tips, a guide to eating out healthily, and more.

What kind of results can I expect from the Body Back program?

If you commit 100% to the workout and meal plan, you can expect amazing results. Not only do we see pounds and inches melt away; we see dramatic increases in strength, posture and endurance!

Stroller Strides FAQs

What is Stroller Strides?

Stroller Strides is a total fitness program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller, and the environment. Taught by certified instructors, it's a great workout for any level of exerciser.

What do I need to bring for Stroller Strides classes?

We suggest athletic shoes, a towel or mat for our ground exercises and plenty of water. For outdoor classes please bring a hat and/or sunblock. For Stroller Strides, you just need you, your baby and the stroller. Just about any stroller will do, so long as it's not prone to tipping. You do not need to have a jogger, but if you plan to run (and have gotten the ok from your pediatrician), you can buy a jogging stroller at local retailers or on Amazon.

What if the weather is bad?

We will only cancel classes in extreme weather conditions. Please contact us to find out about any schedule changes.

What do I do if my baby gets fussy during class?

Our first priority during Stroller Strides classes is the happiness of your baby. Tend to your baby first. We exercise at stations throughout the park, so you can always catch up with us if you get behind. Our instructors will do their very best to make the class enjoyable for both you and your baby!

How old does my baby have to be?

We recommend waiting until your baby is at least 6 weeks of age to begin Stroller Strides classes. They can take classes up to any age so long as they still enjoy a ride in the stroller.

How long are the Stroller Strides workouts?

The workouts are 1-hour unless otherwise noted. The class is usually set up with a 5-7 minute warm up followed by 45-minutes of fitness stations throughout Prospect Park. The last 5-7 minutes is for stretching and cool down.

Stroller Barre FAQs

What is Stroller Barre?

Stroller Barre is a 60 minute cardio and strength interval class focused on vertical core work designed to improve posture, stability and mobility simultaneously. This workout brings together moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness and yoga.

Do I need to have a dance background?

Absolutely not! Stroller Barre is a fitness program for mamas with their little ones, in strollers or worn in a carrier. Our certified instructors will insure your form and posture are properly aligned and help you get a great workout in, all while keeping your little ones happy and entertained.

What do I need to bring to class?

We suggest athletic shoes, a towel or mat for our ground exercises and plenty of water. For outdoor classes please bring a hat and/or sunblock. Carriers are welcome and exercises can be modified accordingly. Our instructor will provide the equipment and a great workout!

Run Club FAQ

What is Run Club?

If you’ve ever dreamed of running, used to be a runner but haven’t been out since the baby was born or just need some motivation to get out on a regular basis and run, then Run Club is for you. We offer a start to finish 5k program for beginner runners and a 5k and Beyond program for mom’s who want to increase their speed, stamina or train for longer races. We have schedules for 5k, 10k and half marathons.

Can I bring my baby?

Kids are welcome to come in jogging strollers, pediatrician approved. Most of our Run Club mamas do take this time for themselves though, and leave the little ones at home with another caretaker. Please contact us if you would like to bring a child along.

What if it rains?

We run in the rain – we will cancel if there is extreme weather or lightning.

How long are the training programs?

Each program runs for 8-12 weeks, training dependent. We offer the Start to Finish 5k training in the spring and fall, Half Marathon training in the spring, and 10K training every fall/winter. Once you complete the beginner program, we recommend you move to the next level.

Wait, I didn’t do the beginner program, but I can run around the park, can I still join?

Yes! We welcome runners of any capacity – some women enjoy the dynamic of running with a group, sometimes you just need the accountability and motivation to get out twice a week and run.