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Do you remember that time before you became a mom when you could just go for a run whenever you wanted. Yeah, me too. Or remember when you used to run, but then you had another baby or you got injured or you just plain can't seem to motivate out the door. Yeah, me too. Y'know, we've got a 5K training group starting up this Sunday . This one's for the mom who used to run, the mom who's never run and the mom who hates to run but secretly she loves it. We've got you mama, and we'll cross that finish line together. AND, we're running a last days of spring break special right now.

A little girl experiences rain for the first time - a refreshing view on life for every adult - NTD Inspired


Rain – such an unnecessarily disliked phenomenon. People usually complain about rain – “Oh, no – it’s raining again” – meaning that they can’t go out and enjoy outdoors. They feel depressed, they demand sunshine. But this regards only adults. It seems they forgot the beauty of rainy days, the feelin...

This is a cuteness overload. Also how we should all feel about a little spring rain.

I am floored. Our morning Body Back session is beyond sold out! We have four spots left in the evening class. Message me for details on how one of them can be yours or go to brooklyn.fit4mom.com to sign up today.